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the Alcova Safe Ride Home Program


Thanks to Alcova Mortgage, we are able to offer the "Safe Ride Home Program," for Homecoming 2017. This program is offered to all of our friends purchasing "Day Tickets" that have had too much to drink and shouldn't be driving. We want to keep you safe, and we know that you want to keep your friends safe- so don't get behind the wheel, use the Safe Ride Home Program!

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Here is How it works

While you have the option to camp with us at the festival, we understand that some people can't stay with us the whole weekend. If you purchase a "Day Ticket," and feel that you have had too much to drink to drive home, all you have to do is visit GUEST SERVICES located at the big, Pink & White tent,  and they will coordinate a ride home for you between the hours of 10pm-2am. Your ride is completely free if your destination is within a 20 mile radius of the festival grounds. On behalf of everyone from Alcova Mortgage, and all of us at The Homecoming Festival, we encourage you to Drink Responsibly!